OMEGA Black Squeegee

Medium rigid Teflon

  • Medium rigid
  • Heat resistant
  • Ideal for car wrappers

The same squeegee as the Gold version but slightly more rigid.

Teflon squeegees are ideally suited for car wrappers, as teflon glides better over plastic and is less abrasive. The stiffness is perfect for pressing the film so that the adhesive layer is activated better and evenly. We recommend sticking our Black Buffer (OS-T-I202) on the edge so you can apply even better pressure without scratching. Thanks to its thin straight edge, this squeegee is also very good for pushing back door rubbers or pushing the film under rubbers.

OMEGA Black Buffer

Velour for OMEGA Gold & Black

  • Does not come off and for long-term use

High-quality velour to stick on the edge of the OMEGA BLACK or OMEGA GOLD squeegee. Prevents scratching during squeegeeing.

The Flaming Slicer

The ultimate wrap squeegee

The squeegee reinvented!
Better doesn’t exist

The medium soft Flaming Slicer from OMEGA-SKINZ is literally the best wrapping squeegee ever designed. Its designer, Maurice Boyer, has listened carefully to professional wrappers.

For example, this squeegee has different angles and shapes, all with their own application. One side is round, so that air is automatically pushed from the inside to the outside during the wrapping process.
The round tip provides the right pressure in kinks.

The squeegee ensures the right pressure, so that glue marks, air bubbles, etc. cannot occur. We therefore recommend this squeegee to all Omega-Skinz film users.

NOTE: use the special WINGMAN buffer as a felt on the squeegee.

Installation instructions Wingman

The Wingman

Buffer for Flaming Slicer squeegee

  • Special velvet buffer for the FLAMING SLICER
  • Does not come off and for long-term use

This buffer of high-quality velvet was especially designed for the FLAMING SLICER squeegee.

The cut-out shapes ensure that the buffer can be stuck on the curves of the squeegee without folds or overlaps.

The velvet does not wear out quickly, does not come off and does not scratch films. The thickness and the weave structure ensure the right pressure during the squeegee process.

Installation instructions Wingman

OMEGA Wet Dream 10

PPF Squeegee + Magnet

  • 10 cm wide
  • With built-in magnet

The ultimate ppf squeegee is called: Wet Dream. With one movement, you can easily pull 90 % of the moisture out from under the film. Ideal for large surfaces.

The combination of the softness and the tapered edge ensures that the squeegee follows every shape of the surface effortlessly. Also, the surface is drawn dry immediately, so that you can see exactly if you have forgotten a section. There is a magnet integrated in the squeegee, so the squeegee can stay on the car body and does not have to lie on the ground (which only increases the risk of dust and dirt).

SOTT Slide N Glide

Slipping agent for PPF

  • Prevents glue lines and glue distortion.
  • Foam and air bubbles disappear within 60 seconds.
  • Contains no alcohol – faster and better final adhesion.
  • Slide, position, squeegee, ready.
  • 4ml per 1000ml water required.

We often see fitters using all kinds of gels and soaps to make the installation ‘easy’. And for the edges or difficult corners, they then often have water with alcohol, to soften the glue.This often results in glue lines, correction lines, white spots, distortion in the film, etc.

SLIDE N GLIDE is a unique concentrate that allows sliding and positioning, while the ‘soap properties’ pull away quickly. So you can slide and position the film, squeegee it, still lift it and position it again. It foams a little and spreads nicely as a ‘film layer’ while spraying on. But its power lies in the rapid disappearance of air bubbles (foam) under the film, so that adhesion can begin.

And that’s special: it also dries quickly. And no, there is no alcohol in it, so it does not ‘break up’ the adhesive layer, causing glue lines. With SLIDE N GLIDE, you no longer need expensive gels or other lubricants. Of course, the dosage depends on the type of glue and ambient temperature.


SOTT WaterBomb – water tank

  • 8,3 m hose
  • Compressor connection and hand pump

The SOTT WaterBomb is the ULTIMATE high-pressure sprayer for any ppf installer. This high-quality pressure sprayer can be inflated by hand pump or with a compressor. The inner casing is made of coated steel which will not rust and is impervious to chemicals and acids.
The handle (trigger) is made of high-quality plastic with non-slip structure, so it does not slip out of your hand. The nozzle has a special dirt filter that can be cleaned as needed.

  • Oil-resistant hose (length 8.3 m)
  • High-efficiency brass hand pump
  • Integrated compressor connection (EURO)
  • Large filling opening makes filling easy
  • Variably adjustable nozzle
  • Pressure gauge on tank
  • Blow-off/safety valve
  • Bottom connection for hose (no residual liquid)
  • Sturdy foot; does not fall over easily
  • TÜV – GS approved & CE marking