Omega-Skinz presents a unique series of Printables

A special range of printable films developed for wrapping passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorbikes, boats, etc.

Make the most beautiful creations

The Omega-Skinz printables have a uniquely beautiful ink absorption, which creates more colour depth. Colours are more outspoken and your design gets a big ‘wow’ factor. The metallic pigments in the film remain visible through the print, giving the print a high-class look instead of a normal ‘sticker effect’.

Use Omega-Skinz Printables for any print job; whether it is a special design or just a commercial print on a company vehicle. Success is guaranteed.

Create your own wrap colours

Are you looking for a special colour of wrap film that does not exist? No problem at all. Just create your own colour! Use OS-502 Silver Spirit to create metallic effect colours. If you want to create deep and fresh colours, use OS-501 Pearl of Wisdom. Now just choose the right laminate from the Omega-Skinz range and there you go, your own colour is a reality.

Reinforce your wrap with the right laminate

Omega-Skinz Printables has a range of laminates that can give a special effect to the print and the vehicle. Do you want to accentuate the contours and shapes of a vehicle, or imitate the effect of matt car paint? Then use the OS-510 Razorblade.

If you want an extremely high gloss effect, where slight scratches disappear automatically, use OS-513 Polished Pleasure. If a design needs to be completely matt, OS-511 Silky Satisfaction is the right choice.

Omega-Skinz Printables are available on rolls of 152.5cm x 25m

Print profiles: visit the website for more information

Preferred Print media: AE38C


Some Unique Selling Point of the Omega-Skinz Printables

  • The metallic and pearlescent particles in the white print film create a luxurious effect.
  • Good printing properties, allowing very detailed images to be seen.
  • Colours and images come more “to life”.
  • The prints are much deeper in colour and start to “sparkle” when exposed to sunlight.
  • The shapes of a vehicle are shown off to their best advantage because shadow, light and depth of colour in the film accentuate the contours.
  • The silver print film gives a metallic effect to each print.

Additional Information

  • Omega-Skinz Printables are available in rolls of 152.5cm x 25m.
  • All films are printable with solvent, latex and UV printing systems.
  • Please observe the recommended drying times.
  • Please wait 72 hours before laminating.
  • OS-513 has a transparent protective layer. This must be removed before application.
  • Print profiles: please visit the website for more information.

Printable Film – 3d Formable

  • OS-500 White Wonder
  • OS-501 Pearl of Wisdom
  • OS-502 Silver Spirit

Laminates – 3d Formable

  • OS-510 Razor Blade
  • OS-511 Silky Satisfaction
  • OS-512 Clearcoat
  • OS-513 Polished Pleasure