Omega-Skinz CAP

  • 80% cotton – 20% wool

We believe image and appearance are important. The Omega-Skinz cap certainly helps with that. The logo is 3D embroidered on the front.

Omega-Skinz Colourbook

Luxury Edition

  • the new way of presenting colours!
  • clasp with two magnets

This luxury colour book contains all the colour samples from the range. The outside is finished with matt laminate and high gloss lacquer. The perfect presentation is possible with this colour book.

Omega-Skinz colour chart

Printer Version

  • High-quality print on 300 grs matte with UV gloss varnish
  • Trifold brochure, folded

This printed colour chart is intended to give each wrapper an impression of all the available colours.

Digital version available on our downloads page

Omega-Skinz workshop display

A large Omega-Skinz display is available especially for showrooms and workshops, onto which all colour samples can be placed.

  • Solid cardboard
  • 81 plastic holders
  • Color samples included
  • Omega-Skinz style

Size & Weight

  • 220 x 117 cm
  • 56 kg

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Omega-Skinz 3D domes

(comes with a Omega-Skinz roll)

3D domes. Per set of 2. These can be fitted to the vehicle if desired. Height 35 mm.