How It's Made

How Omega-Skinz is constructed

Omega-Skinz wrapping film is constructed in a different way than many conventional films. Omega-Skinz consists of different layers that absorb the film tensions during stretching and deformation. The top layer is a transparent PVC film, which gives the bottom layer extra colour depth. Omega-Skinz wrapping film is cast as a 2-pass or 3-pass system, whereby the different layers eventually form one homogeneous layer.

The result is a strong, stable film during application, which becomes very soft and supple when heated with a heat gun or infrared lamp. Both properties are ideal for large surfaces and complex shapes such as bumpers, spoilers and door handles.

Not Just Car Wrapping Film

Omega-Skinz goes much further than people think.

We started with Omega-Skinz Automotive. But other markets will follow. Stay tuned!


  • Car wrapping (cars & motorbikes)
  • Fleetmarking
  • Accent designing
  • Striping
  • Dechroming

Sign making

  • Lettering
  • Fleet marking
  • Digital Printing (UV & Latex)


  • Excavators, cranes, etc.
  • Containers
  • Trains, wagons
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Kitchens, furniture, etc.
  • Small and large machines


  • Boat wrapping
  • Yacht wrapping
  • Jet skis

Attention: Surface always need to be smooth and can be made of glass or painted metal.
**Always read the application guidelines before making your choice.